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Hello again!

I have no idea how long it has been since I posted on LJ. I have missed being here but have found it too difficult emotionally/mentally to be here. I know I would have received so much support if I had been but I am weird that way.

The past year has been so challenging for both of us. In Jan/Feb of 2012 I was hospitalized for two weeks for a severe cellulitis infection of my lower left leg and ankle. After a week I was sent to Roanoke (2 1/2 hours away) because they thought I might have to have my leg amputated as it wasn't responding well to the anti-biotics. Thankfully after hefty doses of 2 of the most powerful ant-biotics I responded and was sent home. I effectively lost 2 weeks of my life as I was on such strong pain meds that I really didn't know what was happening.

Than in August I was hospitalized for 3 days, again in Roanoke, due to more pain in my left leg and very high fevers. Turns out I was nearly in kidney failure and had a blood clot in my left leg. I have just completed Coumadin therapy and hopefully all will be well.

Did I mention that I had to retire on 01/01/2012? This was due to a diagnosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment which with my other health problems made teaching very difficult indeed. So I retired and received a regular pension, only a few hundred dollars a month. I appealed for disability retirement and had a letter from the independent assessor last week stating he is recommending I receive it. It now has to be approved by the VRS Board. I was approved for SS Disability on my first application but it took until July before I received any payments from them. I will start receiving Medicare in December. I have been without Health Insurance pretty much since I retired. I hadn't worked enough years for the school board to keep paying their part and COBRA was just too expensive. Anyway, enough about me and my troubles. By God's grace we are making it and trusting him to keep doing so.

I am so angry about all thee gun violence and cannot for the life of me understand the people who say that an armed population is somehow safer, Makes no sense to me at all, as a Brit. And this latest bombing in Boston, OMG. In my gut I feel that somehow those who don't want any restriction on guns are behind it but that's just me. I have no facts to back that up, just a gut feeling. And I don't understand how so many christian friends are pro gun and so vehemently hate Obama. It makes me so sick on FB when I see 'Christians against Obama's re-election'. Occasionally I ask if they prayed for God to put the right person in the WH. A deafening silence is always the response.

I am now hoping for Hilary Clinton to run in 2016. I think her years as Secretary of
State now give her more than enough qualifications for the job. I was so relieved that Mitt was not elected. Where woud this country be now if he had been?

Talking about politics, I was never a Thatcherite but it still saddens me to see people celebrate her passing. As they say, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is a sad day when any countries leader comes to believe they are indespensable.

Well, having told my tale and vented about politics it is time to sign off.

Good wishes to all my friends!
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Today is a day of great shame for this great nation. A moment of pride for me was watching and listening to the republican governor of Arizona speak so fondly of her dear friend, a democractic senator, of her shock, horror and obvious love for Gabriel Giffords. How sad that it takes a tragedy like this to show that people of different political opinions can still be good friends. Jan Brewer showed true humanity today. As for Sarah Palin's webpage, what can I say?
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British goodies...

The other day I went into our local Food City and while looking, unsuccessfully, for Grandmas Green Label Molasses when I came across the the Greek and Mediterranean Rack full of, you've guessed it, British Food! OMG. They haven't had ANY for several years now and there it was, staring me in the face! They have quite a good selection of groceries, including PG Tips at an exorbitant price. So far i have purchased a jar of Keiller Three Fruit Marmalade, McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive (wheatmeal) biscuits (cookies!), McVities Milk Chocolate Hob Nobs, 1 Yorkie chocolate bar for sharing with Qbear, a Mint Aero chocolate bar FOR QBear and a box of Sesame Seed Ryvita (like WASA but so superior in our opinion!).

So on the weekends I get toast and marmalade again! Some kind friends have made some purchases for me which are quite good substitutes but nothing beats the real thing!

I can't go there too often or I will bankrupt us on British Candy, LoL!

Thought I'd share the joy with all my on line friends!
Bella, Me

Bella is home!

We are ecstatic that Bella is home. Yesterday Emmie left a flyer at the convenience store/gas station across the street. Around 12 this morning we had a call from them to say there was a couple in the store who thought they had Bella. I immediately went down there and they were certain they had her. I followed them home (about 1/2 mile) and there she was! We are so happy I cannot tell you! Now she is home and we are just over the moon!

Apparently she had gone all the way over the mountain behind our house and showed up at some apartments where they are not allowed animals. The apartment she stopped at belongs to the sister - in - law if the lady I collectd her from today. She asked her to take her, which thankfully she did, and has taken good care of her. She needs a bath after her run across the mountain but otherwise looks extremely well.

Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers from you all!
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Semi good news

We saw Spencer briefly before we had to leave to go to the hospital for QBear to0 have her CT Scan. (The radiology tech was WONDERFUL BTW)When we got home he was hobbliong around the back yard and pretty soon after we got in the house he was at the front door and this time he came in.
He is dirty and weary, so U will be giving him a bath as soon as I have finished a big mug of tea. Sadly, there is still no sign of Bella.
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Bella, Me

A depressing and uneccesary situation.

We are both distraught. Yesterday, QBear had oxygen delivered. It wasn't the usual gut but the respiratory therapist. She warned him every time he came in and went out not to let the dogs out. We have 2 doors at the exit he was using. One from the kitchen to the mudroom and then another to outside. Two chances to keep a door closed and the dogs in (ideally they both need to be shut properly). Did he manage this simple task? No he did not. On his 3rd trip he left the doors open. And guess what - both dogs got out and RAN which is what they always do if they get loose, which is not often, believe me.

After he had 'fessed up to QBear, he said "won't they come back if I whistle?" He obviously has no knowledge of Beagles whose nose will lead them anywhere. And dear, sweet Bella will follow Specncr the Beagle wherever he goes. This happened around noon yesterday. We waited all evening for them to return but no sign of them. This morning, still no sign. We have called Animal Control and all the local vests but no one had reported finding either of them.

We are sick with worry. They are our babies. Bella is QBears constant companion during the day and often at night. She also is her healer - she licks the psoriasis and it heals. I know it's strange but it does. So many little things just draw our attention to the fact that she is not here. Too many to list. That is her in my icon.

Oh, I also called the company and filed a complaint. We had a call bacl from an office further up the food chain but as we were on the phone to the Home Health agency we couldn't take it. I called back and he hsas gone to lunch. So we continue to wait for the response.

QBears aide is going to drive around the area on the way here to see if she can see them. I cannot bring myself to do this, even though I should. I can't bear the thought of finding either of them dead or injured by the roadside.

Please remember us, and them, in your good thoughts and prayers.